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Autonomous Cleaning and Disinfection Robot

It is a hard time for all of us, but the mechatronic systems can support us. Teams of engineers and scientists are working on different solutions, such as cleaning and disinfection robot for potentially contaminated surfaces in buildings such as door handles, light switches or elevator buttons.

Stretch - Boston Dynamics Unveils New Robot for Warehouse Automation

Boston Dynamics is the global leader in mobile robotics. Their popular robots are SpotMini, Spot, Atlas and Handle. Now they has revealed 'Stretch', which is a new box-moving robot designed to support the growing demand for flexible automation solutions in the logistics industry. A Massachusetts company well known for its humanoid robots and dog-like androids is preparing to muscle its way into the warehouse automation industry with its latest mechatronic solution. Warehouse automation is a fast-growing market fueled by increased demand in e-commerce. The robot called Stretch is Boston Dynamics’ first commercial robot specifically designed for warehouse facilities and distribution centers. Robert Playter, CEO of Boston Dynamics said: Warehouses are struggling to meet rapidly increasing demand as the world relies more on just-in-time delivery of goods. Mobile robots enable the flexible movement of materials and improve working conditions for employees. Stretch

Ascento - The Two-Wheeled Jumping Robot

All-terrain capabilities are required to extend beyond flat surfaces the application range of wheeled robots. First think is four or six-legged robots which have been well known for years. Nowadays, thanks to more and more perfect gait algorithms, the two-legged (bipedal) robots appears more and more often. ETH Zürich students combine the advantages of wheeled robot and two-legged robot.

Three Wheels Balancing Robot

The three wheels balancing robot is similar to a ballbot from the point of view of the goal. In comparison to ballbot which balance itself on a single ball, three wheels balancing robot is designed to balance itself on a single rod. The common characteristics of this kind of robots is that there’s one sole contact point to the ground.

Smart Home Makes Your Life Easier

Smart homes are also called intelligent, automated or autonomous houses. Nowadays, you can also automate the flats. Dynamic development of automation technology gives you opportunities that were only seen in sci-fi movies in the past. Soon, probably only your imagination will be the limit. What gives us the smart home system?

Modular Soft Robotic Gripper

Traditional rigid robotic grippers are widely used in industry, but gentle and adaptive manipulation is limited. Scientists [1, 2] found the bioinspired way to create multi-degree-of-freedom soft actuators with appropriate sensory capabilities. Authors produced soft mechatronic fingers using embedded 3D printing and use integrated ionogel soft sensors.

DIY Low Cost 6-Axis Desktop Robot

Learning how to build a robot is a long way. It is the way by mechanics, electronics and programming. Such a mechatronics project is associated with problems such as stiffness (mechanics), overvoltage (electronics) or bug (software). Of course, if something is wrong, we always say 'it's not a bug, it's a feature', but finally a robot has to start working properly.

What is Biomimetics (Bionics)?

A biomimetics hand could transform the lives of amputees worldwide, and help them to regain independence and control in their everyday lives. The bionic hand should be designed to handle almost anything that you need to do during an average day. It is like eating meals and carrying bags, opening doors, switching on lights and typing. Achieving such opportunities requires the use of biomimetics and mechatronic systems.

Mechatronics System as the Future of Cooking at Home

Do you get up in the morning and don't feel like making breakfast? One of the solutions is food delivery service, which leaves your takeout order outside of your front door. Other solution is a private chef who is responsible for shopping for food, menu planning, preparing and cooking meals for you. But if you love mechatronics systems, your solution is a mechatronic kitchen. It allows you to save time, free up your day from routine cooking, plan and adapt your menu according to different diets and lifestyles.

Biomechanical gears system for insect jumping

Do you think that gear mechanisms, which intermesh and rotate, are solely man-made? You were right until the research results were published . Scientists from the University of Cambridge revealed functioning biomechanical gears for the first time in the flightless planthopper insect Issus. The gears are used in ballistic jumping movements of the insect.

High Speed Book Flipping and Scanning

We are increasingly accustomed to using e-books and each book is now released in a digital version too. Progressive digitization of the world around us causes the demand for devices to enable the digitization of paper books, official documents, and notes. However, the conventional technology can not meet the demands for ease-of-use and high-speed book digitization. Ishikawa Oku Laboratory at the University of Tokyo works on a solution.

Projection Mapping System - Lumipen

Lumipen is the projection mapping system developed by the Ishikawa Oku Laboratory at the University of Tokyo . It can track moving objects and it keeps them in the center of the screen continuously. Also, this mechatronic camera system can project images onto a moving object.

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