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Mechatronic Spoon Helps Stabilize Parkinson's Tremors

Mechatronic Spoon Helps Stabilize Parkinson's Tremors

Affecting the nervous system, Parkinson's disease can cause limbs to tremor. Living with this disease can make everyday activities such as eating and drinking incredibly difficult. A new mechatronic spoon Liftware made just for people with Parkinson’s and other tremor-causing conditions can help stabilize tremors.

Liftware is developed by Lift Labs based in San Francisco. The mechatronic spoon uses an accelerometer and gyroscope to detect the direction and force of a user's tremor. The control system is based on pre-set parameters and angular rotation signal. It was tested over 100 different algorithms over 2 years. Now, Liftware is capable of stabilizing tremors of up to 2 inches and a 70% tremor cancellation rate. The device is powered by a small battery that can last for up to several days on a single charge.

Pick it up
Sensors in the handle detect your hand tremor.

Start eating
Liftware quickly responds to your tremor and steadies what you hold.

Spill less
Shift attention away from spilling and onto the people you're with.

The team was focused on improving overall quality of life and independence, and plans to release interchangeable attachments for the base in the future, including a fork and a key holder.

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