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Free online AutoCAD WS

Postby Magnus » Sat Sep 01, 2012 1:25 pm

Autodesk created an online AutoCAD application which allow view, edit and share DWG drawings through a web browser or mobile device. Now we can store CAD files in an online workspace (upload files to your online AutoCAD WS account in the cloud). Important is that it's a free application.
There is available mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices or access designs from browser using web app.
Application looks almost the same as the offline and it is a great convenience - no need to install Autodesk Viewer to present projects for the customer and edit the project in during the consultation with the customer out of the office. In product brochure is a comparison with offline software and lot's of features are disabled so maybe it is insufficient to draw. Video about AutoCAD WS:
Another advantages are collaboration in real time and tracking and managing changes (recording changes to designs in a timeline for version control and auditing).

What do you think about sharing your drafts online (in your account on What with projects security and secret when hackers attack Autodesk's servers?
Have a nice day :)
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Free online AutoCAD WS

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