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The University of New South Wales

The University of New South Wales

Mechatronics engineering at the University of New South Wales - Australia

    School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
    The University of New South Wales
    Gate 14, Barker Street
    Kensington, Sydney
    General Enquiries
    Telephone: (+61 2) 9385 4093
    Facsimilie: (+61 2) 9663 1222
The School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering is one of 10 Schools within the Faculty of Engineering at UNSW. With over 1200 students and 70 staff the School is one of the largest of its kind in the country. Due to its size, the School comprises a wide range of disciplines, which are related to mechanical and manufacturing engineering. The activities are centred around the undergraduate programs, which offer degrees in five areas of specialisation:

    Aerospace Engineering
    Manufacturing Engineering and Management
    Mechanical Engineering
    Mechatronic Engineering
    Naval Architecture

In addition, the School offers a variety of postgraduate degrees in coursework as well as in research. A vital part of the School's activities can be seen in its vigorous and diverse research programs. Research activities range from individual PhD projects to large multi-disciplinary research projects, complemented by the activities of the Advanced Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre (AMCRC) and the Cooperative Research Centre for Advanced Composite Structures. The research is supported by well-equipped laboratories and their technical staff, which is a special feature of the School.

Being a school of engineering, our activities are very application-oriented, and close collaboration with industry is an essential part of the School's strategy. Students and staff work in conjunction with industry in research as well as in teaching, or engineers working in industry undertake postgraduate studies in the School on a part-time basis. The collaboration also extends to the other engineering schools within the Faculty, which highlights the multi-disciplinary nature of the work, especially in product design and development.
Mobile and manipulative robotics make up a significant part of Mechatronics research at UNSW. Among these are autonomous off-road vehicles, indoor vehicles and micro-aerial vehicles. Mechatronics teaching includes robotics, computing, control systems, intelligent machines, microprocessors and electronics. Our graduates find employment in many situations where automation is in demand. These include manufacturing, automotive industry, instrumentation systems, and systems automation in mining, cargo handling and agriculture.
The mechatronic engineering undergraduate degree plan shares its first two years with the other four in the School and no choice is required until third year. The Faculty flexible first year entry allows even more choice of program during the first two semesters. Final year features a large component of electives. Many combined degrees are available too, as are postgraduate coursework and research degrees.

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