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The Aachen University

The Aachen University

 Mechatronics engineering at the Aachen University - Germany

    Goethestraße 1
    52064 Aachen
    Dekan: Prof. Dr.-Ing. J. Benner
    Prodekan: Prof. Dr. rer. nat. K.-P. Kämper
    Sekretariat: M. Berndt-Wahn / S. Thull
    Tel: +49/0241/6009-52510
    FAX: +49/0241/6009-52681
    eMail: dekanat(at)

The mechanical engineering department has been located in the building Goethestraße 1 for more than 100 years. The addition of electrical engineering and aerospace technology, which later developed into separate departments, required two new buildings at the Hohenstaufenallee and the Eupener Straße. The close connection of the three fields has led to a growing integration of the study programs, although the departments independently offer study courses. The interdisciplinary study courses in the field of mechatronics, offered by all thee departments together, are also located in the Goethestraße and were the reason for the extension of the department name to Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics in the year 2000.

The department of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics presently has about 750 students enrolled in national and international study programs. The courses are mostly offered by the 18 professors of the department with support by professors from other departments and universities. The programs are complemented by lectures of external lectures from industry. In addition the students are free to take courses from all other departments of the university.

The department of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics operates 16 laboratories with highly qualified staff. The laboratories are supported by a mechanical and an electronics work shop for the fabrication of components and facilities for teaching, study and thesis projects as well as research projects.

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