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Programming Robot Arm - Teach a Robot by Hand-Guiding

Programming Robot Arm - Teach a Robot by Hand-Guiding

Kinetiq Teaching is a system to teach a robot by hand-guiding its arm through required trajectory. It was shown at the conference Automate 2013, that the system makes automated arc welding intuitive to welders and machinists and it enables them to easily set welding parameters with no in-depth knowledge of programming. This technology is actually under final stage of development.

 Kinetiq Teaching is developed by Robotiq and it is a new robot accessory and it is easily fastened to the end linkage of a robotic arm and records the position for spot and line welds relative to the robot’s workspace. It enables people to demonstrate the placement of the robotic welding tip onto a work piece by physically hand-guiding the end-effector. Buttons on the teach pendant interface are used to designate spot welds, line welds, speeds, and approach angles.

Machinists and welding staff can freely guide the robot arm through its workflow and adjust welding parameters on-the-fly via the teach pendant, then test it live.

Samuel Bouchard, President said,

Robotiq has designed Kinetiq Teaching to be a user-friendly solution – simple and intuitive – that can save robot down-time and allow every job shop the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of using a robotic welder.



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