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Bowling Pinsetter Mechatronics

Bowling Pinsetter Mechatronics

Pinsetter was originally a person who manually reset bowling pins to their correct position, collects fallen pins, and returned bowling balls to players. Now, a pinsetter is a fully automated mechatronic system.

The photo below shows pinboys working in Subway Bowling Alleys, New York - Brooklyn every night (source). The following video shows the principle of operation of the GSX Brunswick as a current state-of-the-art pinsetter. It is characterized by a sweep that descends as soon as the ball enters the pindeck. 

This machine uses a conveyor belt on the pit floor to move the pins to a vertical elevator system, while the ball exits the pit at the side through a ball door. The pins are loaded using a combination of belts. The ball return system of this machine uses an under-lane accelerator as opposed to a lift. It lowers the pin table on every cycle to determine scoring.

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