Advances in Mechatronics [e-book pdf] - Mechatronics Engineering

Advances in Mechatronics [e-book pdf]

Advances in Mechatronics [e-book pdf]

Numerous books have already been published specializing in one of the well known areas that comprise Mechatronics: mechanical engineering, electronic control and systems. The goal of this book is to collect state-of-the-art contributions that discuss recent developments which show a more coherent synergistic integration between the mentioned areas. The book is divided in three sections. The first section, divided into five chapters, deals with Automatic Control and Artificial Intelligence. The second section discusses Robotics and Vision with six chapters, and the third section considers Other Applications and Theory with two chapters.

Edited by Horacio Martinez-Alfaro

Part 1 Automatic Control and Artificial Intelligence 1

Chapter 1. Integrated Control of Vehicle System Dynamics: Theory and Experiment 3 By Wuwei Chen, Hansong Xiao, Liqiang Liu, Jean W. Zu and HuiHui Zhou
Chapter 2.  Integrating Neural Signal and Embedded System for Controlling Small Motor 31 By Wahidah Mansor, Mohd Shaifulrizal Abd Rani and Nurfatehah Wahy
Chapter 3.  Artificial Intelligent Based Friction Modelling and Compensation in Motion Control System 43 By Tijani Ismaila B., Rini Akmeliawati and Momoh Jimoh E. Salami
Chapter 4. Mechatronic Systems for Kinetic Energy Recovery at the Braking of Motor Vehicles 69 By Corneliu Cristescu, Petrin Drumea, Dragos Ion Guta, Catalin Dumitrescu and Constantin Chirita
Chapter 5. Integrated Mechatronic Design for Servo Mechanical Systems 109 By Chin-Yin Chen, I-Ming Chen and Chi-Cheng Cheng

Part 2 Robotics and Vision 129

Chapter 6.  On the Design of Underactuated Finger Mechanisms for Robotic Hands 131 By Pierluigi Rea
Chapter 7. Robotic Grasping and Fine Manipulation Using Soft Fingertip 155  By Akhtar Khurshid, Abdul Ghafoor and M. Afzaal Malik    
Chapter 8. Recognition of Finger Motions for Myoelectric Prosthetic Hand via Surface EMG 175 By Chiharu Ishii
Chapter 9. Self-Landmarking for Robotics Applications 191 By Yanfei Liu and Carlos Pomalaza-Ráez
Chapter 10. Robotic Waveguide by Free Space Optics 207 By Koichi Yoshida, Kuniaki Tanaka and Takeshi Tsujimura
Chapter 11. Surface Reconstruction of Defective Point Clouds Based on Dual Off-Set Gradient Functions 223 By Kun Mo and Zhoupin Yin

Part 3 Other Applications and Theory 245

Chapter 12. Advanced NOx Sensors for Mechatronic Applications 247 By Angela Elia, Cinzia Di Franco, Adeel Afzal, Nicola Cioffi and Luisa Torsi
Chapter 13. Transdisciplinary Approach of the Mechatronics in the Knowledge Based Society 271 By Ioan G.Pop and Vistrian Măties

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