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Mechatronic Systems Applications [e-book pdf]

Mechatronic Systems Applications [e-book pdf]

Mechatronics is the synergistic blend of mechanics, electronics, and computer science. This book is concerned with applications of mechatronic systems in various fields, like robotics, medical and assistive technology, human-machine interaction, unmanned vehicles, manufacturing, and education.

With its twenty chapters, which collect contributions from many researchers worldwide, this book provides an excellent survey of recent work in the field of mechatronics with applications in various fields, like robotics, medical and assistive technology, human-machine interaction, unmanned vehicles, manufacturing, and education. Chapters 1 to 6 deal with applications of mechatronics for the development of robotic systems. Medical and assistive technologies and human-machine interaction systems are the topic of chapters 7 to 13.Chapters 14 and 15 concern mechatronic systems for autonomous vehicles. Chapters 16-19 deal with mechatronics in manufacturing contexts. Chapter 20 concludes the book, describing a method for the installation of mechatronics education in schools.

Edited by Annalisa Milella, Institute of Intelligent Systems for Automation, Italy
Co-editor: Grazia Cicirelli, National Research Council, Italy

Chapter 1. A Bio-Inspired Small-Sized Wall-Climbing Caterpillar Robot
By Houxiang Zhang, Wei Wang, Juan Gonzalez-Gomez and Jianwei Zhang

Chapter 2. RFID Technology for Mobile Robot Surveillance
By Annalisa Milella, Donato Di Paola and Grazia Cicirelli

Chapter 3. Contact Sensor for Robotic Application
By Petr Krejci

Chapter 4. Develop a Multiple Interface Based Fire Fighting Robot
By Ting L. Chien, Kuo Lan Su and Sheng Ven Shiau

Chapter 5. Develop a Power Detection and Diagnosis Module for Mobile Robots
By Kuo-Lan Su, Jr-Hung Guo and Jheng-Shiann Jhuang

Chapter 6. Design and Implementation of Intelligent Space: a Component Based Approach
By Takeshi Sasaki and Hideki Hashimoto

Chapter 7. Application of Robotic and Mechatronic Systems to Neurorehabilitation
By Stefano Mazzoleni, Paolo Dario, Maria Chiara Carrozza and Eugenio Guglielmelli

Chapter 8. Wearable Sensor System for Human Dynamics Analysis
By Tao Liu, Yoshio Inoue, Kyoko Shibata and Rencheng Zheng

Chapter 9. Postural Mechatronic Assistant for Laparoscopic Solo Surgery (PMASS)
By Arturo Minor Martinez and Daniel Lorias Espinoza

Chapter 10. Model-Based Fault Detection and Isolation for a Powered Wheelchair
By Masafumi Hashimoto, Fumihiro Itaba and Kazuhiko Takahashi

Chapter 11. Electric Wheelchair Navigation Simulators: why, when, how?
By Patrick Abellard, Iadaloharivola Randria, Alexandre Abellard, Mohamed Moncef Ben Khelifa and Pascal Ramanantsizehena
Chapter 12. Magneto-Rheological Technology for Human-Machine Interaction
By Jose Lozada, Samuel Roselier, Florian Periquet, Xavier Boutillon and Moustapha Hafez

Chapter 13. Impedance Control of Two D.O.F. CPM Device for Elbow Joint
By Shota Miyaguchi, Nobutomo Matsunaga and Shigeyasu Kawaji
Chapter 14. A Far Sign Recognition by Applying Super-Resolution to Extracted Regions from Successive Frames
By Hitoshi Yamauchi, Atsuhiro Kojima and Takao Miyamoto

Chapter 15. Mechatronics Design of an Unmanned Ground Vehicle for Military Applications
By Pekka Appelqvist, Jere Knuuttila and Juhana Ahtiainen
Chapter 16. Unidirectional Feeding of Submillimeter Microparts Along a Sawtooth Surface with Horizontal and Symmetric Vibrations
By Atsushi Mitani and Shinichi Hirai

Chapter 17. Palletizing Simulator Using Optimized Pattern and Trajectory Generation Algorithm
By SungJin Lim, SeungNam Yu, ChangSoo Han and MaingKyu Kang
Chapter 18. Implementation of an Automatic Measurements System for LED Dies on Wafer
By Hsien-Huang P. Wu, Jing-Guang Yang, Ming-Mao Hsu and Soon-Lin Chen, Ping-Kuo Weng and Ying-Yih Wu
Chapter 19. Advanced Manufacturing Technology Projects Justification
By Josef Hynek and Vaclav Janecek
Chapter 20. Installation of Mechatronics Education Using the MindStorms for Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, O.N.C.T
By Tatsushi Tokuyasu

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