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Karabük University

 Mechatronics engineering at the Karabük University

    Karabük University
    Demir-Çelik Kampüsü
    Engineering Faculty
    Balıklarkayası Mevkii 78050 KARABUK / TURKEY
    Dean : Prof. Dr. Refik POLAT
    Deputy Dean : Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mehmet ÖZALP
    Deputy Dean : Asst. Prof. Dr. Ali ARSLANTAŞ
    Phone : +90 370 4332021
    Fax : +90 370 4333290
    Mail : muhendislik@karabuk.edu.tr

Mechatronics is a convergence that implements micro-electronics to mechanical engineering or assimilates functionally combined mechanics and electronics by information technology. Mechatronics is a discipline in itself but a discipline of mechanical and electrical events in the application of modern engineering processes. Mechatronic objectives the best hardening between mechanical structure and designing systems, devices and products. Mechatronics engineers should be assess with the aspects of industrial design, production and marketing, and must have a good laboratory experience. 

Mechatronic systems have developing and a wide variety of application area. Modeling, electromagnetic devices, robots, control and automation, industrial production machinery, automotive, defense industry are given as an example. 

Sample projects:

Karabuk University Department of Mechatronics Engineering was established in 2010, began education with 144 students in 2011. Mechatronics Engineering Department aims to educate engineers to work in prolific manner in electro-mechanical system design and in the projects by providing electric-electronic, mechanical and computer engineering s in a harmonious.

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